A multi-site series of exhibitions, talks, workshops and events curated by SCAN responding creatively to data and research derived from traffic flow analysis using automated number plate reading (ANPR). Six artist projects will be delivered alongside the results of a research project, involving 5 university partners, Sixth Sense Transport, investigating the development of apps and new data analysis to promote a social and shared space for people who use cars and want to reduce their carbon footprint. This two week event will explore and debate the use of cars in everyday life through the lens of visual arts.


Sixth sense transport

Sixth Sense Transport research is investigating the extent to which behavioural change and better understanding of transport habits and practices can be facilitated through the creation of a new form of ‘transport network’, based on extending social networking principles to transport users, their individual vehicles and objects around them.
Underpinned by models and theories about behaviour change, we have developed a series of innovative Apps for the Tourism, Transport and Logistics sectors that offer new ways for recalibrating the flow of people, transport and things. The prototypes and case studies offer what we like to call An Internet of Cars. Sixth Sense Transport is a collaboration led by the University of Southampton with University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art; University of Salford; Bournemouth University and the University of Lancaster.



SCAN is an agency founded in 2003 developing digital and interdisciplinary arts in the South of England. It works in partnership with a broad range of individuals, groups and institutions nationally and internationally to commission innovative projects that cross and merge disciplines drawn from arts, media, humanities, science and technology. SCAN explores ideas, sites and tools showing the creative potential that digital and interdisciplinary arts offer in our changing society. The organisation’s director Helen Sloan has 25 years experience of working with contemporary art and particularly digital arts having organised over 200 exhibitions and events during her career and partnering on many more.


The Sixth Sense Transport project is a Digital Economy project funded by the UK Research Councils.

The Internet of Cars exhibition and symposium has been made possible thanks to our funders EPSRC Tales of Engagement Award, Digital Economy (Research Councils UK) and Arts Council England. Thanks also to contributions from Design Informatics (University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art), University of Southampton and the John Hansard Gallery.

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