Internet of Cars Flash Mob

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Date(s) - 01/06/2014
9:30 pm - 10:15 pm

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One of the most important reasons for encouraging people to download the IoC iPhone and Android apps is that it allows a group of car owners to coordinate their activities in the same way that people have held Flash Mobs and Silent Discos.
flash mob2
The IoC show would like to hold a Flash Car Event in each of the places where the exhibition is taking place: Bridport, Southampton and Winchester.

A Flash Car Event may take the form of a coordinated event using each car as a node within a small network. Having your car registered through the app means that we can send you specific information that will allow you to perform part of a synchronised performance. The performance might involve the flashing of headlights to create a large video screen, or the use of car horns to build a brief and noisy symphony.

The idea is inspired by the Parking Lot Experiments carried out by the American music band the Flaming Lips in which band members distributed 40 audio cassette tapes with a collection of different recordings across 40 cars, to be played all at the same time:
flash mob 3
“The Parking Lot Experiment involves 40 cassettes of 40 different sounds, noises, and bits of music Wayne has recorded. Every Sunday, from now until Thanksgiving, he is trying to get 40 people to bring their cars (with tape decks) down to a parking lot where they will each crank the tapes from their cars simultaneously. He is envisioning an orchestra of sorts.”
Within the Internet of Cars we hope to demonstrate hoe much more coordinated our relationship with cars might become if we were able to make each car and it’s owner a member of a network.

Volunteers required. You need a car with a CD player (or a portable CD player) and working headlights. Tickets can be booked through