The aspiration of the exhibition is to offer audiences and communities the potential to rethink how or what a future transport network might be. We will show a series of artworks developed specifically by artists who have worked with Sixth Sense Transport data both collected from the project in real time and in the past:

Polak and Van Bekkum will use live feeds from ANPR traffic data and Southampton shipping data to generate a sound landscape that plays the different paces of transport coming in and out, and around the Southampton area.

Lanfranco Aceti’s artwork »Self-Driven« assumes that people can be cars. Literally. Aceti will run a series of workshops in which people will adopt characteristics of cars and explore how ‘being a car’ changes how you relate to people.

Halford and Beard’s piece entitled »Router« is a short poetic film which explores the concept of a road traffic accident blackspot in the context of the routes tracked by the 20 ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) cameras around Southampton City Centre.

Hollington & Kyprianou’s work »The Car That Turned« is a road movie that’s structure is derived from the patterns that emerge from data collected by the UK’s ANPR system.

Shingleton’s installation »Flows« visualises emissions of CO2 based upon live APNR data. As vehicles are scanned on the A354, Arduino controlled turbines increase and decrease the flow of air through six particle filled tubes representing the real-time movement of carbon dioxide between Dorchester and Weymouth.

Stanza’s work »A New Order Beyond The Fourth Dimension« uses robots that will read transport data gathered through 6ST to draw the state of the transport systems around the South Coast.



Partnering with John Hansard Gallery Southampton; Bridport Arts Centre; and Winchester Science Centre.