Halford and Beard


Audio work 20 minutes approx.



13. May – 24. May Bridport Arts Centre
16. May 7 pm Special Performance

31. May – 08. July Winchester Science Centre
01. June Special Performance

31. May – 06. July Turner Sims Concert Hall
June (tbc) Special Performance


A poetic road narration inspired by the cult road movie the idea of the accident blackspot as an instance of transcendence. Our film will tell the story of a vehicle of displaced persons (refugees? exiles?) condemned by the authorities to travel the roads of a coastal city in an endless voyage of the damned. Their transit will mimic the effect of being trapped in an infinitely branching, web-like loop with no end and no beginning.

The voyagers receive a daily itinerary from the authorities which compels them to pass designated ANPR cameras at specified times. This, combined with the close confinement, creates great stress. The voyagers become haunted by the idea of the accident blackspot as a symbol of escape.

Router looks at the relationship between narrative and the use of sound in cinema.


Halford and Beard

Halford and Beard




Halford & Beard make art about accidents. Our first film, Voodoo Science Park (2009), is about the poetics of accident investigation and was shot at the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) in the Peak District. HSL deals with rail crashes, industrial accidents and infrastructure failures. The Internet of Cars project gives us an opportunity to extend our creative practice and take account of the relationships between road traffic flows, driver psychology and car accidents.