The Car That Turned from electronicsunset on Vimeo.

Hollington and Kyprianou


»The Car that Turned …«
Film 5 minutes



13. May – 23. May Bridport Arts Centre
16. May Film Screening
17. May Car(bon)Mart

31. May – 08. July Winchester Science Centre
1. June Special Event

3. June – 06. July Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southhampton
June (date tbc) Special Performance


The ‘classic’ American road movie was both an emblem of achieving and escaping from the American Dream.The car, the road and the hero are the holy trinity of American cinema. But what would a convincing UK road movie look like? What architecture would it traverse today? How would the plot develop if it were constructed from the shapes and patterns of the ubiquitous data collected from ANPR technology? What would its journey tell us if the data were combined with how researchers approach and analyse the data?

‘The Car That Turned’ is in a sense a very British road movie – one whose structure is derived from the patterns that emerge from data collected by the UK’s ANPR system, and whose on-screen narrative merges co-ordinates with the inferences drawn by human analysis – a 21st century version of Mass Observation, collecting information to understand, to control and improve, and if that fails, to make do and mend’.



Simon Hollington and Kypros Kyprianou have worked collaboratively for the last fifteen years while also making their own individual work. Their collaborations have focused on science and culture and have been shown internationally in US, Venice Biennale, ICA and Tate Britain.