Fronting Motion from PolakVanBekkum on Vimeo.

Polak and Van Bekkum


»Fronting Motion«

Polak and van Bekkum, Fronting Motion Polak and Van Bekkum, Guildhall Squre


13. May – 23. May Bridport Arts Centre

1 June Special Screening 6-9pmWinchester Science Centre

13. June – 15. June Outdoor Screening in Guildhall Square, Southhampton

June (tbc) Turner Sims Concert Hall
Using ANPR data in real-time from A354 Dorchester to Weymouth and data from a feed tracking the ships coming in and out of harbour in Southampton, this diptych will generate animation and sound clips dependent on the data coming in from both streams. No-one will experience exactly the same sequence of sounds and images. This will be a beautiful and highly seductive work that draws the audience into an alternative for data visualization as landscape and soundscape.




Our passion is movement. To capture the moment when something is about to happen, or just happened, or even both… and to make this be tangible in our work.
We are fascinated by new and distinctive ways to depict movement itself. Every representation of movement changes again one’s experience of space. To show this, that’s what our work is about.