Introduction: Artists Contexts

»The Accident of Negligence and The Agency at the End of Civilisation«


31. May – 08. July Winchester Science Centre

June (tbc) Turner Sims Concert Hall


artist statement:

The artwork is a real time interpretation of the data of the Internet of Cars project using the number plate recognition system aligned with real time images from one hundred CCTV cameras in the region of South of England. The installation presents all this as a spatialised audio experience of spoken texts and generative visuals.

The audience engages with the work as observer (of the surveillance and recorded space) looking at 24 screens, a dozen speakers, and a labyrinth of CCTV cameras built as an art installation presented on a plinth.

The artworks makes use of future predictive software while at the same time exploring time from multiple perspectives in what Stanza calls a “Parallel Reality”.






Stanza is an internationally recognised artist, who has been exhibiting worldwide since 1984. His artworks have won twenty international art prizes and art awards including: Vidalife 6.0 First Prize; SeNef Grand Prix; Videobrasil First Prize;
Stanzas art has also been rewarded with a prestigious Nesta Dreamtime Award, an Arts Humanities Creative Fellowship and a Clarks bursary award.